Give Ignition Go a try. But start off on the right foot! Be sure to follow these steps carefully to get the most out of Ignition Go.


  1. Install NPM node.js: package manager for node modules
  2. GIT clone this repository
    Example: git clone myigosite
  3. Change directory to new site/web app root
    Example: cd myigosite
  4. Install Bower bower: manager for bower components
    Type: npm install -g bower
  5. Install all the NPM and bower components
    Type: npm install then
    Type: bower install
  6. Install and run 'gulp' (note that gulp will run continuously in 'watch' mode, watching for css and js changes).
    Type: npm install gulp then
    EITHER type: gulp OR.. type: gulp serve
  7. (Optional, required in production) In Apache, map the public folder to localhost or other url Example: in your httpd-vhosts.conf file, add new section and restart Apache
  8. Create an empty mysql db Example: use HeidiSQL and create both a database and a user with privileges to new database
  9. Go to http://[your web root from step 5]/install/init in your browser to finish using install wizard eg if you had created virtual host, then go to in your browser.

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